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Id give my left thumb for half the amount of time Brees gets in the pocket
BA's problem is he knows his O-line cant protect Ben but he continues to have receivers run 30 yard routes and calls 5 wr sets
I mean he knows we cant run a screen because of the O-line, cant he apply that knowledge towards the length of the routes.
I'm willing to bet that each and every pass play has an underneath route of some type designed into the play. Ben chooses to try and hit the 30 yard route and that's why he's consistently under pressure. Against Denver there were at least 2 or 3 replays from behind Ben after an incompletion or INT and you can clearly see underneath receivers open for 4, 5, or 6 yards plus whatever they can make after the catch; this isn't Ben, never will be, it's a last resort to him.

Five receiver sets require a quick decision and throw, you can't expect to drop back survey the field for a 30 yard play, find the open receiver, get him the ball and let him make a play, otherwise, a sack or worse will be the result. I love Ben and the way he plays, but he is the biggest reason for Arians getting a lot of heat, IMHO.

The Steeler screen package is pathetic I will give you that and that's on Arians to fix.