We're in a predicament. We can't pressure the QB. And that's our #1 issue. And we've got a boatload of money in the front 7 and they aren't producing.

Heck, we put 10 men in the box and couldn't get to Tebow.

We need a future stud NT and ILB. NT that can occupy blockers is most important so we can free up our LBs to make plays.
Absolutely spot on. The season had so many reasons as to why it didn't work out, but here's the simple one..

The Steelers lost the TURNOVER battle way too often. They still managed to eeck out wins, but they made it hard on themselves.

How do you get TURNOVERS?

Pressure the QB. The Steelers, for various reasons including injury, age, speed etc, couldn't generate enough pressure on QB's- very few of them really very good QB's too- to force turnovers.

As Hampton slows down, the Steelers need that dominant NT to be added sooner than later. The Steelers could even go in a slightly different direction & attempt to get more of an upfield penetrating type DT like Ngata instead of the space eating types in Hampton & Steed.

An ILB like Kendrell Bell at his peak would be gold.

And a later round DE that can be used simply as a pass rusher wouldn't hurt- you could look for a slightly lighter guy than the usual, kind of like Keisel coming out of college.

That said- the Steelers draft Defense last year- watch them go OL this year.