This will probably be the toughest off season for this team that we have seen in a very long time. Reason:

1. Need to effectively manage a generational change on this team shedding players who got us over 100 wins in the first decade of the 21st century. We have probably 10 veterans who have been long term contributors who may not be back: Hines, Smith, Bmac, Farrior, Hampton, Hoke, Foote, Memo, etc.

2. Salary cap challenge. We are at least $15M over the cap and that doesn't count our own free agents who we need to give raises to in order to retain. Hard decisions involving: Wallace, Starks, Colon, Kiesel, etc. Do we really want to wait to extend Antonio Brown until after he has a Pro Bowl season?????

3. What to do about our coordinators???? Everyone except the team wants Arians gone. LeBeau was outcoached in the Denver game and hasn't offered anything new or innovative compared to what we are seeing from other teams.

4. Draft priorities. Do we finally focus on the OL or continue to bandaid it together. Do we have enough youth with enough talent on the DL to take over from Smith, Hampton and Kiesel (the latter has to stay IMO). Were Curtis Brown and Cortez Allen enough to make us feel good about the secondary? Can Woodley and Harrison stay healthy going forward or do we need insurance at OLB?

Lots of things to consider and this could be a very different team next season or very similar. Which way will the leadership decide to go? IMO we need to implement change across the board. I think we are running on fumes with the current roster and with current coaches. Thoughts???