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Thread: Uh-Oh! Remember my thoughts on Pouncey?

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    Re: Uh-Oh! Remember my thoughts on Pouncey?

    Quote Originally Posted by JAR
    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman
    Chadman agrees with Slapstick & JAR- he's free to his opinion & how he chooses to express it- PARTICULARLY on his twitter account, which you need to FOLLOW to see it.

    Tebow's pro-Christianity 'thing' is not something you are required to 'follow'- he promotes it, without a lot of people's consent, on a National (heck- International) stage, before the media.

    It might seem harmless- particularly to Christians, but in a world that has so many differing beliefs, he IS 'forcing' his opinions on others, even if they seem harmless & moralistic. You want to be a Christian? Awesome- do it for yourself, not the media.

    Pouncey's tweets might be dumb, they might be considered profane, but if someone hadn't shown Chadman the link, Chadman would never have known about it. It would never have bothered me in the slightest. But as a watcher of NFL games, one cannot escape Tebow's opinion, can they?
    wrong!! it's the media and late night TV that is exploiting Tebow's faith not Tebow...........


    Tebowism is being shoved in our face everywhere, it's almost unavoidable. Even today, the mayor of Pittsburgh had to Tebow as part of his lost bet with the Denver mayor...give me a freaking break.

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    Re: Uh-Oh! Remember my thoughts on Pouncey?

    Quote Originally Posted by jhansle1
    And btw... "God" and the pledge has nothing to do with it.

    "God" has nothing to do with being Christian. "One Nation Under God". That phrase does not say anything about Christianity. That's where this country is so f'in uptight.

    God in that phrase can refer to ANY god or religion. ANY!

    Scientology, Muslim, Buddhist ... it could be anything. Hell, if "Mickey Mouse" is your "God" then that phrase still works... If your lawn chair is your "God" then that phrase still works just fine.

    So people that cry about that phrase are just too uptight and don't think.

    The bottom line is that people are to uptight with this stuff. I have "faith" in religion but I'm not a very religious person at all... i don't go to church, maybe one time a year.

    With that being said, I don't give a flying f what people call their "God" or whether they think one exists. That's their choice not mine and it doesn't bother me one bit.

    Muslim, Buddha, Scientology, Lawn Chair, Mickey Mouse, Christian.... who cares? Is that worth getting upset about as a country or individuals? I hope not... that how 100+ year old wars are started (and never ending). Let people believe what they want to believe and the others mind their own damn business... and vice versa.

    Tebow is not forcing Christianity on anyone. That argument is still stupid. It's the media that promotes this freaking circus. I've never heard Tebow say, everyone needs to join Christianity or promote his religion publicly. He's prayed and it gets caught on TV. He thanks "God" for things. Big freakin' deal.

    Like Ruthless posted... I see praying on the field all the time....
    Ever watch the Oscars? Ever watch the Grammys? A lot of people "Thank God" in their acceptance speeches.... who freakin' cares. I don't know which "God" those people are thanking and nor do I care.


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    Re: Uh-Oh! Remember my thoughts on Pouncey?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman
    I knew someone would say this, but yea I guess I have gotten in arguments with my buddies before, or got in an argument with my wife, but have never told anyone to kill themself or bragged to a stranger that I am better than them or they are a nobody. I don't know, I guess my parents raised me correctly.

    Wow, never bragged, never threatened, never regretted what you've said? Chadman has, several times. Guess that means Chadman's parents suck at parenting. Oh well, at least they can console themselves with the thought that they are merely on par with Mr & Mrs Pouncey.

    If only Chadman had been raised by the Tebows!

    At lot of people are successes in spite of their parents and vice versa. I think the stronger emotion for most people that really drives them is to not make the mistakes their parents made. It's easier to forget the good stuff.

    That said, Pouncey probably had the better parents and Tebow is rebelling against his parents

    Don't feel bad, my parents must have sh!t the bed too.


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