1. Cheats........that pretty much says it all.

2. Ravens........they remind me of low class/thugs and they always have an excuse why they lost but it is never that they got beat. Their coach is a cockly punk too.

3. Niners.........their coach is a dip and I enjoy being the only team winning six super Bowls.

4. Packers..........just too cocky and people act like everyone should love them.

5. Broncos, eh....... something about them rubs me the wrong way. Maybe because they enjoy it a little too much when they beat the Steelers. I really don't know why I don't care for them. Also maybe it's because Elway and his big teeth or the one linebacker that they had that I thought was very obnoxious and that is how I remember the Broncos. Was it Romonowski ?

6. The other teams don't bother me but I would like to see the Texans win a Super Bowl especially with a third string QB.