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Thread: This Team Needs a Redzone Target/Playmaker Bad!

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    Re: This Team Needs a Redzone Target/Playmaker Bad!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Pittsburgh
    Quote Originally Posted by "Dee Dub":19nx1yzj
    Quote Originally Posted by jhansle1
    Yup.. Saunders is a good athlete and he's 6'5.

    Arians does NOT know how to utilize the weapons he has at his arsenal. That includes Mendenhall, Redman, Saunders and Heath.

    We don't utilize our short passing game options. Ben is quite possibly worst Steelers QB I've ever seen at selling a RB screen. The fat, slow, and lazy OL doesn't help either.
    Two things, you are not going to get your TE matched up wide for the corner fade, and two neither Saunders nor Miller (even though tall), are not great vertical leapers. This team needs that.

    You get this, and I bet it makes Ben a better QB and the O-line better as well. Ben will be able to get rid of the ball a lot quicker more often. Beat a press either wide or inside (slot), and or be able to create separation physically with in the first 5 yards from the LOS is something Ben does not have.
    Saunders was a pretty coveted D1 basketball recruit. I think with his size & that knowledge you at least throw a jump ball or two to give it a shot.
    You don't absolutely need to have the TE split out wide.

    With an average vertical, Saunders can easily be successful in a fade. He's 6'5! You don't need to jump outta the gym to catch a fade especially when your 6'5.

    Instead, Arians has a fixation on throwing a fade to Ward. Now thats pure genius.[/quote:19nx1yzj]

    No you are right but with a TE it's a little harder to get to a corner fade than a wide out.
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    Re: This Team Needs a Redzone Target/Playmaker Bad!

    how about the kid from Georgia Tech who just declared, Stephen Hill. That guy is raw, but he is 6'4 and can really jump. I think he'll end up being a great pro.
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