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Thread: Re: game broadcast... I nearly swallowed my tongue...

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    Re: game broadcast... I nearly swallowed my tongue...

    I never listen to the broadcast when I watch a game.

    I do the broadcasting outloud myself, getting the down and distance,flag calls, etc. correct without having to listen to morons like nancy and simms here themselves talk.

    I want to kick them in the teeth whenever I hear them speak.

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    Re: game broadcast... I nearly swallowed my tongue...

    The whistle that blew the play dead was a horrible call (great for us) but horrible from a football perspective.

    Tebow went 22 straight quarters without a TD and scored 20 points in about 4 minutes...

    do you expect the announcers to do? Ooh and awe over Wallace dropping an easy pass and Legs snapping the ball over Ben's head?

    Should they have done a sports science clip on Ben throwing an INT or Crotchery dropping an easy 3rd down grab that would have probably been a TD?

    I could see if we stomped Denver and they gushed all over Tebow but they stomped us. I know it hurts but I really don't understand how announcers are "against" us when we play like trash.
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