Ike had great year despite being Tebowed

January 11th, 2012
Mark Kaboly

There is a good argument that Ike Taylor’s game against Denver during last week’s AFC wild-card loss was the worst individual performance in the history of Steelers postseason play.

Sure, Neil O’Donnell could be mentioned as one during Super Bowl XXX or Tunch Ilkin in 1983 against the Raiders or even Kordell Stewart against the Broncos could make the list, but there’s no mistaken Taylor is on top of that list.

However, the big picture can’t be lost with Taylor, who spent an hour with Trib columnist John Harris on Wednesday for the Ike Taylor Show on TribLive Radio.

Taylor had one of the best individual regular seasons in the history of the Steelers.

Yes, comparable to Blount, Woodson and whoever else.

Heading int the Broncos game, Taylor allowed an average of 2.6 catches and 30.1 yards per game, and mind you, mostly covering the other team’s best receiver all over the field all by himself.

Now, giving up 204 yards to Demaryius Thomas can’t be overlooked, but as Taylor said on TribLive Radio — “You have good games, you have bad games.”

Just chalk this one up to a bad game and move on.

Here are some stats that might help you move one.

Ike Taylor’s 2011 season by receiver

A.J. Green, Cincinnati 6-87 yards, TD
Demaryius Thomas, Denver 4-204 yards, TD
Wes Welker, New England 4-23 yards
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona 3-58 yards
Brandon Lloyd, St. Louis 3-39 yards
Anquan Boldin, Baltimore 3-35 yards
Andre Johnson, Houston 3-23 yards
Michael Crabtree, SF 3-23 yards
Jonathan Baldwin, KC 2-26 yards
Nate Washington, Tenn 2-11 yards
Dwayne Bowe, KC 1-25 yards
Mohamed Massaquoi, Clev 1-25 yards
Rob Housler, Arizona 1-20 yards
Steve Breaston, KC 1-18 yards
Jason Hill, Jacksonville 1-18 yards, TD
Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis 1-11 yards
Deion Branch, New England 1-10 yards
Josh Cribbs, Cleveland 1-10 yards
Mike Williams, Seattle 1-9 yards
Damian Williams, Tennessee 1-8 yards
Mike Thomas, Jacksonville 1-3 yards
Torrey Smith, Baltimore 1-2 yards
Pierre Garcon, Indianapolis 1-(-2) yards

Ike Taylor’s 2011 season game-by-game

Team Targeted Receptions
Ravens 4 0
Seahawks 3 1
Colts 11 2
Texans 5 3
Titans 8 3
Jaguars 5 2
Cardinals 10 4
Patriots 7 5
Ravens 8 4
Bengals 2 0
Chiefs 7 4
Bengals 11 6
Browns 2 1
49ers 5 3
Rams 10 3
Browns 5 1
Broncos 6 4
109 46

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