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Thread: Ike is garbage

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    Re: Ike is garbage

    A cover 0 in that overtime situation? And who are the perennial all-pro's that stoned Woodley and Harrison for zero sacks ?

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    Re: Ike is garbage

    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Dub
    Quote Originally Posted by Starlifter
    Ike is a great corner who had a horrible game. My complaint is he was clearly struggling and as far as I can see - we made no adjustments to help him out. That last play we had him completely naked and alone in one on one. Just a horrible defensive call from lebeau.

    here's something to consider. I'm not making excuses for Ike as he clearly had a bad game - but when we rushed 3, Tebow had all day to make plays. several times the broncos rushed 3 and Ben was getting sacked, hit, ball knocked out of his hands etc.

    That's where the problems really started.
    Great? Are you kidding me? He is decent at best. He is really in my opionion a solid #2. But he is not great by any means. 9 years in the league and has a total of 13 INT's. That alone is far from great.
    9 seasons and 13 picks, so what who cares? most of the time ike doesnt get balls thrown his way. nnamdi asomugha has been in the league for 9 years as well and has a total of 14 picks. i guess asomugha is a decent corner as well.

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    Re: Ike is garbage

    Ike isn't a bad CB. He's certainly not 'terrible'. But he's not what you'd call a 'playmaker'.

    For what it's worth though- neither are Willie Gay or Keenan Lewis- both of them have proven this year to be...well, ok.

    Chadman is starting to think Cortez Allen might move to FS, which is a good thing because the Steelers will need pass coverage from the FS/SS before long as Troy is now getting towards the 'aging' mark & ryan Clark has never been a great coverage guy.

    The one guy that could be a playmaker at CB is Curtis Brown- but we know so little about him as an NFL pro, it's hard to hang your hat on him.

    What the Steelers plan to do with Cortez Allen could be the key here. If they want to move him to FS, the Steelers likely need to come up with a playmaking CB- a guy that is an actual threat to take the ball away. If Allen is staying at CB- then a ballhawking FS needs to be added to the squad ASAP.

    In a game where scores are continually getting higher, and passing yards dominate- Good Defense will be decided by turnovers. If nothing else, this season proved the Steelers have room for improvement.
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    Re: Ike is garbage

    Ike had a miserable game. But, we made no adjustments to help him (even in overtime). This is a team loss all the way. Wallace also had a miserable day.
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    Re: Ike is garbage

    Garbage??? wow!!
    would have hate to have seen this defense this year w/out him

    But yesterday he was awful....\
    I hope he puts DT on his gloves next year so everytime he makes a play and waves his hands in front of his facemask he's reminded to get over himself.
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    Re: Ike is garbage

    Ike's a very good corner. Yesterday, it just didn't matter. Sometimes the other team shows up and kicks your butt and that's what happend to the Steelers defense yesterday. We seemed to lose some of our physical edge this year on both "O" and "D" and our 12-4 record was a little suspect. I thought our ability to win the close games may help us in the playoffs but well, yesterday it just didn't matter.[/quote]

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    Re: Ike is garbage

    Quote Originally Posted by Starlifter
    Quote Originally Posted by papillon
    Quote Originally Posted by BURGH86STEEL
    Ike didn't have his best game. Pass rush didn't give him much help. That last play wasn't necessarily on him. The coaches sold out to stop the run and didn't leave any help in the middle of the field. That's a very difficult play to defend for any CB.
    The last play was his worst of the day; he played outside technique knowing he didn't have any help in the middle of the field. The receiver ran a simple post and with Ike on his outside was open the moment he made his cut into the middle of the field, too easy.

    Of course, as poorly as Troy played today, maybe Troy was supposed to cover the deep middle, but decided to try and make a splash play and left Ike high and dry. One of them or both of them made a big mistake on that play.


    Pappy I think mundy was supposed to give inside help but he oversold the fake blitz and was out of position. I think Ryan Clark makes that stop. Still have to pin it on Ike however.
    You're right, I assumed it was Troy, because, Tebow played him like a violin all day long. I expected mistakes from Mundy, but not the number nor the magnitude of the ones Troy was making. He looked like he had never stepped foot on an NFL football field prior to the game.


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    Re: Ike is garbage

    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe
    For some reason, it does make me feel better that he stands in front of his humiliating performance (although, what else could he do?)
    Posting a Tweet is standing "in front of his humiliating performance"? Where was he after the game?
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    Re: Ike is garbage

    This might be the worst thread in the history of this forum.

    Ike had an awful game yesterday, no doubt. But garbage? Hardly. Ike played a lot of great games this season, and has had an excellent career as a Steeler. He is a solid corner who had one really bad game.

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    Re: Ike is garbage

    Love Ike. High impact player. Its just that if you man up and get pumped against him, he simply does not elevate his game. In the superbowl Fitz mutilated his corpse. Again he played outside technique and it was taken to the house. On the fade route for a TD he just got deebo'd Don't remember if he did his patented, get perfect position, turn your back and face guard. In the superbowl, against Jennings on the big 3rd down in their final drive he gets beat again. jennings almost goes house. Think it was a skinny post. I understand corners get burnt in this league. But I just wish he would turn around a play the ball


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