Earlier in the week we talked about trying some underneath stuff with the crossing routes and amazingly the Bruce actually tried it out. Cool. But we didn't have as much success as I had hoped. Its either the ankle or Ben is just not good at these kind of plays. Ben looked really bad at times, even juggling the snap on a few occasions.

One thing that I would do differently would be to feature Brown instead of Wallace in these routes. Wallace lacks the hands and toughness to make plays in this area of the field. I understand how tempting it is because if he catches in stride he could have had a Victor Cruz moment. If I did want to go to Wallace on a crossing route it would not be so shallow. Wallaces short work should feature WR screens and stop routes where he comes out of the blocks at top speed and stops. Because of his speed this is almost impossible.

Notice the play when Browns DBs are way off the ball and Ben hits Sanders immediately for a nice gain. This shows how much teams think Ben will always go vertical, they left him wideopen.

All in all think we should continue with the theme of 80% practice time dedicated to red zone offense and keep the crossing routes just throw them to brown and Sanders