Aside from a couple clever plays last night I didn't see anything that hasn't been played out over and over again the last 4 years. We are 10-4 so sometimes it has to be working. The Defense has only given up 20 points or less in all of our wins, so that could be a big reason why we are 10-4.

When BA is calling plays it seems that there is no rhyme to the reason. As if he doesnt know what he's doing, just calling plays, at best, according to yardage to go for a 1st. I've seen enough of this guy and more than ready to watch him leave.

It seems Ben could have benefitted from that pistol shotgun formation due to his ankle, but it wasnt used. Maybe they felt it wasnt necessary, that Ben was mobile enough.

Our offense has so many weapons, including Mendenhall if used correctly and we can only put up 3 points. Yea, Ben hurt had a lot to do with it, but we should have been able to score 21 points. Arizona dropped 21 on them last week.

Is BA the best this team can do? Could someone else make us an offensive power house?