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Thread: Adam Carolla breaks down OWS

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    Adam Carolla breaks down OWS

    Brilliant. NSFW.


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    Re: Adam Carolla breaks down OWS

    I heard this the other day and I'd have to say that he got it right.

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    Re: Adam Carolla breaks down OWS

    Absolutely- this guy has it nailed. Modern generations expect everything to be handed to them on a platter. The general ethos of hard work for just reward has been forgotten & the new "give me everything you got" mantra has emerged in it's place.

    Time to reward effort. Reward success.

    Don't penalise someone for doing well- you do that, and you start the stroll down the path we find ourselves in now.

    Not advocating penalising the poor or struggling- but at the same time, it's time we started giving them something to strive for. Reward mediocrity & what you get is a community that sees no point to striving to be better.
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