P.K. Subban is a first rate punk. How is it that he can tackle Dupuis behind the net after the play, try to rip Neal's head off in front of the net after the play, and then also slew-footed Neal by actually KICKING him in the back of the knee with his skate, without any of these being called a penalty? Then, to top it off, Letang gets a cheap shot elbow to the face by Pacioretty, complete with a river of blood flowing onto the ice, and NOTHING gets called.

At first, I was hoping that Kunitz would score the game-winner after having two goals taken away, but once Letang returned following that brutal near-beheading, I was totally rooting for him to put away his hometown team with a game-winning goal, and that is precisely what happened. It was extra-sweet to see Carey Price break his second goal stick of the night. Couldn't believe their fans had the gall to boo the ref for not blowing the whistle on a puck that was not frozen after all of this. Justice was served.