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Thread: Player Safety- an Aussie's option...

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    Re: Player Safety- an Aussie's option...

    I don't believe the equipment is the problem. The human brain wasn't constructed to deal with many of the impacts that happen out on the football field. The league is attempting to deal with the issue by limiting the amount of high speed impacts that happen on the field.

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    Re: Player Safety- an Aussie's option...

    You could make the helmets similar to a boxers sparring headgear. They've made tremendous strides in that technology. I know that the helmet is almost more a symbol of football than the ball itself, but that would do something to stop the problem.

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    Re: Player Safety- an Aussie's option...

    Quote Originally Posted by skyhawk
    Reduce the size of Goodell's head and the players will be fine.

    And in all seriousness, reducing the size of the helmets is the way to go. I can't stand the term helmet to helmet. Why the f--k do they have helmets in the first place?
    I don't like Goodell but this isn't a Goodell issue. He is just the individual who has been given the unenviable task of trying to avoid or mitigate the financial damage to league that a slew of lawsuits by former players will cause. It is coming. You can bank on it and that will do more damage to the NFL than any mandates from Goodell about contact.

    One sure way for an employers to lose their butts in a liability lawsuit is to appear to be doing nothing WRT workplace safety. All the recent emphasis on safety is laying the groundwork for a courtroom strategy that will be playing out in the future. That is what this is all about...period!!!!


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