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Thread: Nice story about "Big Play" Willie Gay

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    Re: Nice story about "Big Play" Willie Gay

    Sometimes Gay makes the play, sometimes he looks like a lottery winner getting to play pro ball. It's great he has overcome so much in his life and can be humble when the time is right. I applaud him for all he has done to help those off the field.

    However, I'll talk like a internet tough guy when he blows coverage or cant cover a rookie (although Clark should have been in position on that Smith TD). I pay money for what he does on the field, not off it and that's why I'll continue to ride his butt until he is consistent enough to deserve my silence and praise.
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    Re: Nice story about "Big Play" Willie Gay

    Gay is Digest Player of Week

    By Bob Labriola - Steelers Digest

    Coach Mike Tomlin has been talking about wanting the Steelers to make what he calls a defining defensive play. What William Gay did with 2:33 left in the game last Sunday in Cincinnati qualifies as that.

    With the Bengals facing a second-and-9 from the Steelers 25-yard line and trailing by 24-17, quarterback Andy Dalton tried to get the ball quickly to wide receiver Jerome Simpson. But Gay got a good read on the play, and he cut in front of Simpson to make the interception that allowed the Steelers offense to come onto the field and close out the game with a couple of first downs.

    In addition to that interception, Gay also deflected another Dalton pass that Lawrence Timmons ended up intercepting, and he also had three tackles and three other passes defensed. Gay is the Steelers Digest Player of the Week.

    Also considered were Rashard Mendenhall, who had 70 yards from scrimmage and two rushing touchdowns; Antonio Brown, who caught five passes for 86 yards; and Ben Roethlisberger, who completed 21-of-33 for 245 yards, with one touchdown and one interception that came of a deflected pass.

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    Re: Nice story about "Big Play" Willie Gay

    Gay had a great rookie season. He played well as nickel back in another season. He struggles as a starting corner because he has poor recovery speed and size. But, he has been better than McFadden for certain.
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    Re: Nice story about "Big Play" Willie Gay

    That was the best game I've seen William Gay play the past four years. Hopefully he can build on yesterday's game and continue to improve going forward. When you "Play for Pay", it's "What can you do for me today" that matters, not yesterday!

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    Re: Nice story about "Big Play" Willie Gay

    Saddling Up with William Gay

    by CRAIG WOLFLEY on NOVEMBER 17, 2011

    A coup’la few years ago Steelers cornerback William Gay had a rough ride. After taking over for Bryant McFadden who departed for Arizona, William became the starter and quickly learned the ups and downs of being a “1-16? guy (starter throughout the season).

    Part of the difficulty of starter-dom is the fact of NFL life that if you are off on a given day and the opposition smells blood, that you are a weak link, they will come after you unmercifully. And if you don’t rebound quickly with a performance that slams the door, they will continue to come after you.

    Not only that, but there comes with it the media and public scrutiny that accompanies a high profile postion like cornerback where the slightest mistake costs you and your team a quick-six. It takes a lot of inner strength to man-up to a sub-par performance and not let’em see you bleed.

    To survive the rigors of NFL life requires the ability to neither get too high after a win, nor too low after a loss. And also the personal challenge of the inevitable bad game that most certainly will come your way. How you handle that bit of adversity will be quite telling as to your longevity. The ability to rebound from a bad performance and quickly “get back on the horse” spells the difference between a long career and a short one. If you are not tough enough to handle some adversity, you don’t have a prayer of making it.

    That’s why i was so interested in checking out William’s rebound performance after enduring what he described as the “worst series of my life” against Joe Flacco and the Ravens on that 92-yard game winning drive.

    Flash forward from the Ravens game to Cincinnati and William assissting on Lawrence Timmons first interception of the season and then applying the Mike Tomlin “Signature stop” by picking off Andy Dalton to close out the game with his first intereception since ’09.

    That’s what you call “saddling up.” Well played young man, well played…

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