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Thread: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft and Projected 53-Man Roster

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    Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft and Projected 53-Man Roster

    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Dub
    Quote Originally Posted by StarSpangledSteeler
    Quote Originally Posted by "Dee Dub":b0fixxpz
    Two things, Todd McShay of ESPN is saying that OG David DeCastro is the most complete guard in this draft. No weaknesses. If guard were valued as high as tackle in the NFL then he would be rated higher than his teammate Jonathan Martin. McShay, like myself, believe that DeCastro can come in on day one and dominate for years.

    Second, he also says that Mark Barron the safety of Alabama is the most complete safety in this draft and can hold up in two-high coverage and is a playmaker both versus the run and pass.

    McShay currently has these two rated 18 and 19 respectively. Both should be in range of the Steelers being able to move up.

    My personal opinion is that because DeCastro can play immediately and at a high level he would be my pick. We are talking about another Alan Faneca type possibly.
    I agree with you on DeCastro, but for the record, Todd McShay typically wayyyyy overvalues OL (especially tackles). Most teams go for impact players in round one. I doubt more than one OG goes in the first round.

    And word is, Barron is probably gonna run slow at the combine. Not sure how much that will effect his stock.

    Well then forget what McShay says...I have seen Stanford quite a bit this season and I can tell you DeCastro is the real deal. He grades out very favorably to Alan Faneca. And we all know how that worked out from day one.
    As of right now, I agree with you on DeCastro. If he is available when we pick it's a o brainer. I don't think I would trade up though, simply because we need a safety AND a nose tackle AND an ILB. Kind of like last year when we could've traded up to draft to draft Pouncey but it would've costed us Heyward, Gilbert, and Allen, in a year when we needed contributions from all three.[/quote:b0fixxpz]

    There's a trade off in doing that though. Not one of those players you mention (Heyward, Gilbert, and Allen), are immediate "impact" players. Contributors? Yes. But not impact. DeCastro and maybe to some degree Mike Pouncey last year, are impact players.

    Do you regret moving up to get Troy Polamalu? Do you miss the players you could have gotten had you not traded up to get him?

    I think what you would have with DeCastro lined up next to Maurkice Pouncey for the next 10 plus years would negate anything that you may lose by trading up to get DeCastro.

    But let it be known, I am only ok in trading up at a reasonable trade up. Maybe 5-10 spots. Not 15-20.
    Steelers 2015 Draft???....Go Freak! As in....

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    Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft and Projected 53-Man Roster

    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_george
    I would love to grab a high draft top quality guard, but I a can actually admit it now, I am pretty contempt with Ramon in the line up now. I thought the OL is coming along well with it's cohesiveness play of the OL.

    The biggest needs on this team IMHO going in the draft next year,

    1) Safety to take Mundy's spot and groom for the future.
    2) RB Mendy is a great RB, but I can see the Steelers letting him go too much money is going to tied up on the "O" especially signing Wallace.
    3) ILB/OLB ...this might be post-pond a bit by the great play of foote, Harrison, and yes will still say Farrior, but Sly and Worilds just havent shown enough flash that they are going to be next standard of steeler LB.
    4) TE i would love to have a te group like NE does...imagine wallace's and brown's speed with another te who can make plays along with is a slug!
    5) think it is time to draft back up qb too.
    Mendenhall will at least play out his contract with the Steelers. 2012 is his last year and his cap figure is just over $2,000,000. Three fourths of that is signing bonus that won't go away if he's cut or traded...
    Actually, my post was NOT about you...but, if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that &!+€# up and wear it.

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    Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft and Projected 53-Man Roster

    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel
    1. OG Kelechi Osemele, 6-5, 345, Iowa State: Stanford redshirt junior David DeCastro is the player I have long desired for this spot, but he is having a monster season and likely will be well off the board before the Steelers’ selection. Osemele has been more consistent this fall than the other possible first-round guard, Cordy Glenn at Georgia, although Glenn’s greater upside could also have him off the board as well based on many early draft rankings. I am not enamored with this pick, although it is better than reaching for Alabama’s Josh Chapman or Memphis’ Dontari Poe at nose tackle, quality first-round offensive tackles are almost never left on the board when the Steelers’ select, no free-safety prospects are worth a first-round pick, and the top three inside linebacker prospects will all be gone.
    Just wondering if you caught the OSU-Iowa State game. Osemele did not play very well at LT. I don't know if that ankle injury is still lingering but he looked nothing like a 1st rounder in that game. That is the first game I watched him play where I keyed on him every time he was on the field. I'm not feelin any of these 1st round OGs except DeCastro right now.
    1.Evans / LVE ILB
    2.Bates / Edmunds S
    3.Washington / Pettis WR
    5.Ballage RB
    5.Hill / Norton / Nnadi NT
    7.Henderson WR
    7.Gilmore DE

    ILBs Off Board:
    1.Reid S
    2.Jefferson ILB
    3.Washington / Pettis WR
    5.Ballage RB
    5.Hill / Norton / Nnadi NT
    7.Henderson WR
    7.Gilmore DE

    ILBs & Reid Gone:BPA
    1.Guice RB
    2.Jefferson ILB
    3.Allen / Moore S
    5.James / Watson WR
    5..Hill / Norton / Nnadi NT
    7.Henderson WR
    7.Gilmore DE

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    Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft and Projected 53-Man Roster

    anybody who says ramon foster doesn't play through the whistle just isn't paying attention.

    thats one of the the things he does best, and the coaches have said as much on several occasions.

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    Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft and Projected 53-Man Roster

    I want a lineman... and I want him to be smart. When I say smart, I mean quick and decisive in his actions. Not some blob who you can see his mind grinding to a halt when he sees a twist or a stunt.

    That 6-5, 345 lb guy you mention seems to that. I'm sorry for profiling, but obese lineman (I consider 6-5, 345 obese) remind me of all the tubs we've had here (e.g. Kemo, Starks).
    Guys and gals,
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    Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft and Projected 53-Man Roster

    Getting a Guard in Round 1 to replace Kemo would be a good value pick however if they are as good as being mentioned by some then what is the likelihood that they would be available for the final 8 picks when we likely will be picking? I would also not advocate trading up to get one, besides if we did not trade up to get Pouncey II I doubt we would for any other OG.

    I think we need a play making Safety to help Troy and right now that is where I would seriously be looking along with an ILB. Sylvester is not IMO a potential top flight starter. He is a more athletic Larry Foote type player who is a solid back-up who will be great on Special Teams and give you solid minutes when called upon.

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    Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft and Projected 53-Man Roster

    Steelers Bye Week: Time To Talk 2012 Draft

    AUTHOR: Craig
    NOV 19th

    Is it possible the Steelers would draft an offensive lineman as their #1 pick in the 2012 draft?

    Below is the list that NFL Mocks writer Chris Ransom came up with. All in all I think it’s a fairly solid list. I question a couple picks and make note of them below:

    1st Round Pick Cordy Glenn Right Guard Georgia Senior : Georgia offensive lineman Cordy Glenn plays left tackle at Georgia. The 6 foot 5 348 pound offensive lineman lacks the footwork to play tackle at this point. Even if Glenn kicks inside to guard Pittsburgh will like Glenn as an offensive line prospect because Cordy Glenn has the size that the Steelers look for in an offensive lineman.

    For those of you who feel it shameful to pick a guard as your first pick of the draft (and Lord knows many of you bashed me when I said the Steelers should have this past draft) what if we meet in the middle and pick a tackle who has the skills to move to guard?

    The offensive line is thin in the depth charts, and aside from Pouncey and Starks, the starting 5 aren’t that great of a line to begin with. The Steelers need to continue drafting big with good high valued linemen for the next two to three years. Gilbert will grow and more than likely become a permanent fixture on the line. But, the Steelers should continue looking at replacing guys like Scott and penalty happy Kemoeatu.

    2nd Round Pick Jayron Hosley Cornerback Virginia Tech Junior Pittsburgh has most of the pieces to #1 secondary in place. Field cornerback check. You got Ike Taylor who can cover an opposing #1 receiver very effectively. Strong safety check. Polamalu need I say more. Free Safety check. Ryan Clark can be an effective starter while Ryan Mundy can be a serviceable backup. The potential weakness if finding a boundary corner who can cover a #2 secondary receiver effectively. Hosley may not be the corner in terms of potential. Even if Hosley flops Pittsburgh has the depth at cornerback and can take a flyer on Hosley to succeed. Pittsburgh has to keep drafting cornerbacks until they get a #2 boundary corner who can play next to Ike Taylor. Until your set with what you got long term you have to keep making upgrades.

    Pittsburgh has bigger needs to address like nose tackle, 3-4 middle linebacker, and 3-4 right outside linebacker. The problem is none of the players based on Pittsburgh’s other key needs will be available. That is why I gave the Steelers Hosley here.

    I agree that the Steelers need to stay aggressive with drafting corners. Aside from the offensive line, the pieces are in place for a successful offense for years to come. The defense is aging and needs some younger blood to develop quickly or the #1 defense can quickly turn to just average.

    3rd Round Pick Baker Steinkuhler 3-4 Left End Nebraska Junior Redshirt Evander “Ziggy” Hood only has 14 tackles in 10 games while filling in for Aaron Smith. Pittsburgh needs to add a replacement to compete with Hood.

    I kind of don’t agree with the reasoning behind this particular pick. Hood has actually done very well filling in for Smith. Steelers defensive linemen aren’t known to or meant to accumulate many tackles. Their primary role in LeBeau’s 3-4 is to take up space so the LB’s and secondary can get into the back field with their blitzes. Rookie Cameron Heyward had played some snaps and will add depth to the line. I agree that the Steelers should find another lineman and Steinkuhler could be the one. But, I would move this pick further down.

    4th Round Pick Korey Williams 3-4 Middle Linebacker Southern Miss Senior Redshirt Southern Miss runs a 3-4 defense. Williams can be used as a 3-4 middle linebacker.

    Williams could compete with Stevenson Sylvester to be the successor to James Farrior in Pittsburgh. Farrior turns 37 in January so Pittsburgh has to draft a successor with this pick because the Steelers need a 2nd linebacker to compete with Sylvester for the starting job.

    I like this pick with Williams, but I would like to see the Steelers move a pick for inside linebacker to happen earlier in the draft – like #2 or #3. Farrior and Foote are killing the Steelers defense up the middle – slow, poor pass coverage and pretty terrible open field tackling. I would like to see a linebacker selected before a corner.

    5th Round Pick Mike Martin Nose Tackle Michigan Senior Mike Martin plays nose tackle in a 3-4 defense. Martin can be groomed as a successor behind Casey Hampton and Chris Hoke.

    I certainly think we need someone better than Hoke as a backup to Hampton. How long can Hampton last before the Steelers find someone to develop?

    6th round Pick Darius Fleming 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Notre Dame Senior Darius Fleming plays next to Manti Teo a first round prospect in Notre Dame’s 3-4 defense.

    Flaming is the pass rusher that makes Teo’s job a lot easier. Fleming would be a good successor behind James Harrison. Jason Worilds and Chris Carter have yet to progress.

    Fleming has the potential to become a special player with the proper development.

    Not sure about Fleming’s value about playing a critical role at OLB for the Steelers.

    Worilds is still young and developing. Let’s not jump the shark too much with a pick like this. I think the Steelers need to keep fishing for a good TE to back up Miller. David Johnson is ‘ok’ but lacks obvious skills in receiving that are invaluable in Miller.

    7th round Pick Jonas Gray Running Back Notre Dame Senior Pittsburgh adds a second back to split carries with Mendenhall.

    Not sure about this pick either. Gray might be a good addition for some speed in special teams and as a potential 3rd down back. But you have Redman and potentially Baron Batch (upon his return from IR) to split carries and even compete for Mendenhall’s starting role.

    [url=""] ... 2-draft/2/[/url]


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