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    If tis rumor turns out to be true, PSU football won't recover for 50 years, if ever.


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    Re: Penn State

    The story is bad enough without Madden spreading outlandish rumors in an attempt to profit from this scandal.

    That indictment was hard to read and PSU is in serious trouble. It's not just about Paterno and the higher ups. PSU is facing exposure of hundreds of millions in civil lawsuits. There is no telling how many victims will come forward, but PSU officials allowed a known predator to use the facilities and take children on the facilities for years without taking any effective action. There are going to be plaintiff's attorneys lining up across the country to represent the victims and their families and based on that indictment they are going to have every right to sue PSU as an institution.

    This is truly sad and shocking. The decision to look the other way on Sandusky was morally unconscionable. It also not only exposed PSU's football program to incredible damage and shame - it could bring down the entire university. Who is going to send their kid to a school where the administration enabled child rape to continue for years? What the hell were they thinking?


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