I enjoy watching war movies, suspense type movies. I also enjoy the older movies such as the Clint Eastwood movies to name one favorite actor.

I thought I had seen all of Clints movies until I discovered one he was in titled " Where Eagles Dare. "
Just a couple of weeks ago I was buying DVD's and there it was so I bought it.
I thought it was a good/great movie, good plot and a good ending. Never really knew who to trust in the movie until the end.

My one buddy likes war movies, blood and guts movies and so, I told him about "Where Eagles Dare" and he watched it.

He said, he and his son along with his wife thought it was the worse movie they have ever watched.

I could understand if he thought it was just okay but, to say it was the worse movie ever..........

Has anyone ever watched "Where Eagles Dare ? "
If you have, what was your opinion on it ?