I got two for the game against the Sabres on 10-15-11 (so I will make a weekend out of it, with the Jaguars game on 10-16-11).

I got on Ticketmaster at 10, was able to find 2 tickets in the lowest price level ($59) and was trying to complete the transaction to get those seats in section 227, but then I got an error and was booted off the system. When I came back, all of the $59 seats for this game were gone.

I moved up into the $70 price range, and was able to find 2 tickets in section 215. This time it worked, so those will be my tickets (whew!). The difference is that is that 215 on the side of the rink where the Pens attack twice (which is nice) while 227 isn't, plus it's several rows closer (row L instead of row P), but 215 is in the corner, while 227 is directly behind the goalie, which I tend to prefer. Oh well, give and take. At least I got 'em.

After going to several games at the Igloo, this will be my first game at the Consol Center. And they are wearing their Winter Classic Unis for this game, which I like (I have a Letang Winter Classic...glad to see them using the dark blue as their 3rd sweater now, since my light blue is a Talbot which is now ruined...d@mn Flyers).

One note: Ticketmaster fees are outrageous! On top of the $70 per ticket, there is also a $9.65 per ticket convenience charge, plus a $4.25 order processing fee. So I'm paying Ticketmaster $23.55, after their crappy site booted me off, which prevented me from getting the less expensive tickets I preferred. Bastages...