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Thread: The way I saw it...

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    The way I saw it...

    - Did the d-line play their poorest in the last decade? I can't remember the last time I've seen an o-line dominate our d-line especially in the running game.

    - Turnovers. Just can't have them and expect to win. Ben played very poorly. And he didn't protect the ball.

    - O-line is still a joke. Like Hoge said on ESPN, those blitzes were fundamental and we didn't have an answer. The interior of the line especially got dominated. Btw, maybe one of these years we'll actually try to block Suggs.

    - Lack of execution? Lack of preparation? Or Both? The team just didn't look prepared. They looked lazy.

    - What in the world happened to our linebackers? Harrison did not look good on 90% of the snaps I watched. He definitely looked tired out there. I can't believe the Ravens ran the ball right down the Steelers throat. It was embarassing. On top of that, it looked like every Raven's player was 2 steps ahead of our defense on every play.

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    Re: The way I saw it...

    Honestly, I think we were totally outcoached all over the place.

    The Ravens came out with a playoff type game plan and a playoff type mentality. We didn't. That's on the coaches, end of story. But this isn't the end of the world. We always start slow...

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    Re: The way I saw it...

    I remember Jacksonville out-Steeler us in 2007, twice, but mainly in the first game. Remember that? In the snow? BUT, we just lost Aaron Smith. Now? We have everyone.

    And is this old Bill Cowher "starting slow" myth still around? We had the longest opening day winning streak snapped yesterday. Under Tomlin, we have started 4-1, 5-1, 6-2, and 5-1.


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