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The Ravens went into the off season and looked at NE offensive scheme and they are using it to expose Lebeau scheme. Don't be surprised if you see this all season.

That absolutely sums it up. GB did the EXACT same thing to us in the Super Bowl. They word is out, it would take a total bonehead to not use the same blue print against Lebeau's defense. They knew they had the answer and were ready to play and handed us our collective arses. We'll see what they have left for the rest of the league. Lebeau should be sweating bullets.
Yep!!!! It has been coming for a couple of years now even though people want to quote rankings of the defense from past years. Where were the adjustments from the "legend???" None whatsoever. Just follow the template and keep the same players out there who can't cover someone when teams spread us out.
The defensive peformance was abysmal yesterday, no doubt. But what scheme do you want to run? Who would you choose to replace Lebeau? I can see an argument for Dom Capers or Rex Ryan. But who else? Who would you cut / not resign to add a player in the secondary? Timmons is supposed to be great in coverage, but he didn't do any better than the rest of the LBs yesterday.

Change for the sake of change is dumb. You have to have a plan to make a change, you can make in game adjustments with the personnel you have, but you aren't making any wholesale changes in the middle of the game or season.

Fortunately, the Rooneys are patient and can weather bad games and bad seasons and let the coaching staff and front office get things worked out. For the good of the organization they do not panic when bad things happen. They are always focused on winning now, but with an eye to the future.

If the age of the defense catches up to the Steelers this year, the FO will have misjudged that event by one year and the fans of the Steelers will have to suffer through a below average year for Steeler fans, it happens. Hopefully, if that is the case, then Hood, Heyward and McLendon get plenty of work along with Lewis, Allen and Brown

After watching yesterday,I'm not sure that some of those guys shouldn't get a chance to make some plays regardless.