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Thread: Anyone See That Guy Die @ a Texas Rangers game?

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    Anyone See That Guy Die @ a Texas Rangers game?

    I can't believe they're showing a guy falling to his death on tv. I bet Josh Hamilton will never throw a ball to a guy in the stands again. They will probably never let anyone have a ball again.

    I couldn't stop watching it when they replayed it 6 or 7 times. But I was a little surprised they showed it.

    And it must have really sucked landing on concrete on your head from 20 ft high. And then they were telling the story that the guy was laying on the ground asking someone to help his 6 year old son. And that really hit me. Can't stop thinking about this one.

    How f'd up would it be if you or someone you knew died at a ball game?

    I realize accidents happen all the time, but geesh, this is the last way I'd ever guess that I'd die.

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    Re: Anyone See That Guy Die @ a Texas Rangers game?

    I hear ya.

    Seems like a bad design there though.. shoulda been some kinda fence roofing so no one could fall i the case of that happening.. Im sure things will be looked at.

    Who knows though... could have been karma ?

    Sorry to hear he had a 6 year old boy though... thats gotta be hard to deal with and will continue to be hard to deal with for him ... hopefully he will use this event as a catipult to succeed and realize that life may be quick and slow sometimes, but one thing is certain, it is short...

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    Re: Anyone See That Guy Die @ a Texas Rangers game?

    I heard about another guy last night at the Home Run Derby (didn't see the about it later) who was standing on a table above the pool deck at the D-Backs stadium, who would have fallen 20 feet trying to catch a HR ball, but his buddies caught him and pulled him back up by his feet.

    Here is a pic I found:

    1.22 OLB Alvin "Bud" Dupree, 6'4" 269
    2.56 TE Clive Walford, 6'4" 251
    3.87 CB Alex Carter, 6'0" 196
    4.121 OT Donovan Smith, 6'6" 338
    5.160 FS Kurtis Drummond, 6'1" 208
    6.199 WR Stefon Diggs, 6'0" 195
    6.212c CB Cam Thomas, 6'0" 195
    7.239 OLB Obum Gwachum, 6'5" 246

    Priority UDFA's:
    RB John Crockett, 6'0" 217
    RB Corey Grant, 5'9" 201
    DE B.J. Dubose, 6'4" 284
    DE Martin Ifedi, 6'3" 275
    FS Jordan Haden, 5'11" 200
    P Spencer Roth, 6'4" 227

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    Re: Anyone See That Guy Die @ a Texas Rangers game?

    I feel awful for the boy. I can't imagine how traumatized this will make him. He'll probably
    be replaying this in his head for the rest of his life.

    I haven't watched the video because I'm not interested in seeing someones father/son/husband
    fall to his death, but I'm curious if he fell in between a gap where a safety net could be
    placed. If so, why aren't there nets in between these gaps if suitable?


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