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Thread: Ramblin Jim's 2 cents

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    Ramblin Jim's 2 cents

    First, hats off to the Packers. I would rather have seen KG, DP and DC get rings with the Steelers but I'm glad all three got rings. They played great, we didn't.

    Second, I know I'm a sore loser. I left the party after the 4th and 5 pass because I knew it would take my wife five minutes to get out of the house and I just couldn't stomach watching that jagooff Roger Goodell hand the Packers that trophy.

    Third, had it not been for some dropped passes by the Packers wide receivers, the game wouldn't have been close. Aaron Rogers looked like a guy that played against a blitzing 3-4 defense every day in practice, Big Ben did not.

    Talk about not deserving the win: Three turnovers? A freakin' pick 6? A fumble on what was looking like a good drive. There are a lot of players on our team that should be kicking themselves on the way home from the game and in the coming weeks.

    Our O-line should not be kicking themselves. They seemed to play really well. We ran the ball well, Ben had time, our skill players just kept shooting themselves in the foot.

    Aaron Rogers is a quarterback now. That kid carved our secondary up. Ryan Clark is a pretty good safety but I'm not sure he could cover me. He's no Tyrone Carter but as far as coverage skills go, he's not much better.

    Our defense just couldn't make a big play. Troy didn't play well at all and has been absent since the end of the regular season. That Achilles must be bothering him more than we know.

    I think our secondary showed a lack of talent last night. I don't want to give Ike Taylor Darryl Revis money but are we going to have a choice? The touchdown pass on Gay wasn't Gay's fault, that pass was freakin' perfect to Nelson but there were so many shots down field where the Packer receiver had come clean. Maybe Ike can have a Charles Woodson type career and we can take the risk?

    The fact that Madison is in the game leads me to believe that Keenan Lewis may not even make it to training camp this year. He must just stink.

    Two of our important backups, Key Fox and Ryan Mundy made terrible special teams penalties. Mundy's little block in the back penalty was a 40 yarder on the kickoff return. Fox's dumb dumb dumb penalty on the last kickoff hurt us too. Fox is a grown man, won a Super Bowl ring, a veteran presence, he should know better. You don't do what he did even if the guy is talking about your mama in that situation.

    That's all I have right now. The better team won last night and they could have demolished us if not for a couple of drops by their receives and that pains me to say.
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    Re: Ramblin Jim's 2 cents

    I think our secondary showed a lack of talent last night.
    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!!!!!

    It is a passing league and the worst part of our defense is the secondary. We need a serious infusion of talent PLUS the scheme needs to be reworked to eliminate the 10 yard cushions. If LeBeau is unwilling to change...bye bye!!!!

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    Re: Ramblin Jim's 2 cents

    it's very simple. what does it say about our scheme/personnel when we are able to make a team one-dimensions - and still fail to stop them?


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    Re: Ramblin Jim's 2 cents

    The o-line played pretty well, but the biggest play of the game (the pick six) was entirely on Kemo. He was owned to a ridiculous degree on that play. I also wonder why Wallace didn't stop and try to make a play on that ball. Replays show he saw it was short and only slowed down a bit instead of trying to stop. If he stops, he at least has a shot at tackling Collins.
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    Re: Ramblin Jim's 2 cents

    See, I don't fault Lebeau for the eight yard cushions. After watching our guys try to run with their guys, they just don't have the speed in the secondary to keep up, except for Ike.

    When Ike came into the league he was a fast SOB but didn't know how to play corner. He's learned how to play corner (except catch) and he's developed into a pretty good one. But I just think we lack a tremendous amount of speed in our secondary and speed you just can't teach.

    Kemo got owned on the pick six but the Oline played well for the most part. Unless Pouncey or one of the top players falls to 31, I just don't see the Steelers going Oline in the draft.
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