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Thread: James Harrison Stirs the Pot

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    Re: James Harrison Stirs the Pot

    The way i feel about it,.. orders are orders whether you like them or not in some professions. If you cannot find a way to be successful even in the face of parameters that don't exactly sit well with you, or prove to be difficult (yet not impossible) to overcome. Then simply put you will have rendered yourself unfit. Meaning it is ultimately no one's "fault" but your own.

    "We’ll have a mix-and-match concept that hopefully will see us through.” ~Tomlin

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    Re: James Harrison Stirs the Pot

    Quote Originally Posted by ikestops85
    Quote Originally Posted by jj28west
    This is not even funny if this is changing the way he is playing the game. Dont get me wrong I dont want to see some one crippled or killed but this is not the answer. There is a report of Troy pulling up on a play also. Football in realtime does not work like this.

    I dont have an answer...maybe better equipment? You would not believe some of the matrials that they use in the Military or in Aerospace that are light but are impact resistance.

    Time for the NFL to have a Research & Development lab to try to fix this because the new handcuffing the tackler policy could really make this a NBA all star game every sunday.
    I've been saying they need to improve equipment also. Mark Kelso wore a concussion prevention helmet back in the 90s. If the NFL was so concerned about player injuries why haven't they made these helmets mandatory? Instead they start all this controversy so they can shift blame from themselves to the players. I thought Goodell was bad in the Roethlisberger Affair. He's even worse in Concussion City.

    Here are some links I posted before on new helmets.

    [url=]Uni Watch Helmets[/url]

    [url=]Article on Need For Helmet Change[/url]

    Maybe it would help if the players wore their helmets right to begin with. I have noticed that helmets are coming off more and more, and when I played I almost needed a crow bar to get it off, well sure enough it is now cool to wear a loose helmet. New equipment isn't going to help if you don't wear it right to begin with.

    [url=""] ... 52056.html[/url]


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