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Thread: Do you stick with Johnson in goal?

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    Do you stick with Johnson in goal?

    He is playing lights out right now and Fleury is playing...well he's playing like Fleury plays when he's not 'on his game' which unfortunately happens way too often.

    I know Fleury has taken the team to the finals twice, and won a cup, but I stick with Johnny until he shows he isn't the star he appears to be right now.

    Would they ever consider trading the Flower?

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    Re: Do you stick with Johnson in goal?

    Continue starting Johnson? Yes...ride the hot hand.

    Consider trading Fleury? No...young talented goalies are in short supply.

    When MAF is bad, he can be very bad. But when he's good, he can be very good.

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    Re: Do you stick with Johnson in goal?

    I agree with Ruthless. MAF is a young goalie still. He has a great skill set, vast playoff experience, and a passion for the game. I would continue to work him in once a week and hope to keep him engaged and fresh. I'd tell him that we still expect him to be the man come playoff time, but that he should understand that we must go with the goalie that is playing better right now for the good of the team. MAF seems to like Johnson. This shouldn't cause any real problems.

    I can't wait to see Asham play. Hopefully that will be Wednesday night.

    Go Pens.
    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.

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    Re: Do you stick with Johnson in goal?

    and the hits just keep on coming (as far as I can tell from the box score)

    I wasn't able to catch the game last night, but taking a 3-1 lead in the 1st period and then it being all Tampa Bay from there?

    What happened? Was Flower soft again? Was the offense invisible after the 2 shorties?


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