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Thread: Pay James Harrisons' Bogus Fine

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    Re: Pay James Harrisons' Bogus Fine

    As much as I support James, he certainly doesn't need me or anyone else to pay his fine.

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    Re: Pay James Harrisons' Bogus Fine

    Quote Originally Posted by papillon
    Quote Originally Posted by frankthetank1
    Quote Originally Posted by papillon
    If you send it to the NFL offices it will go to charity and Harrison won't see one penny of it. Nice thought, but the Rooney's are the ones that should clamoring for their check book, not the fans.

    when i first heard about the fines i was hoping the rooney's would put up the money for harrison. its not fair the guy has to pay 75K for playing hard football. he didnt do anything wrong. eventhough 75K isnt much to him it still isnt right.
    The Steelers organization may have done something for Silverback; they just don't advertise these types of things, it's family business and they tend to keep it that way. Based on the support Silverback has received from Tomlin and the organization I'd be surprised if they didn't "compensate" him in some fashion for the fine.

    Besides the fact that the Steelers would have problems with the league if they were overtly paying the disciplinary fines of a player.


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