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Thread: NFL Officiating Version 2010

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    NFL Officiating Version 2010

    Is it me or there is much more inconsistency this year from game to game {week to week} with respect to the interpretation of the rules and how they are called.

    I dont know if anyone saw the Ravens/Broncos game but there was a pass by Denver QB Kyle Orton to either a TE or WR where he was blatantly face shielded where the defender did not turn around. The pass was incomplete and the defender was not called on the infraction.

    Now I could see some of those trap catches, etc that are a b!tch to call even with todays camera angles but this is definately an interpretation that should be black - n - white.

    There is a book with a clear definition of this so why should it be so hard that these refs are not trained to call it the same way?

    I also hope the league will squash any flopping or whatever you call that in soccer to get a penalty like the one on James.


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    Re: NFL Officiating Version 2010

    esp when cfadden was called on it last week

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    Re: NFL Officiating Version 2010

    Face guarding is no longer a penalty.

    The defender can do whatever he wants to obscure the receiver's view as long as there is no contact after 5 yards and prior to the ball.

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    Re: NFL Officiating Version 2010

    The call on mcfadden was wrong IMO. He looked like he made contact at the same time as the ball.

    What seems odd to me is the refs explanations for some of the calls when they make them.

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    Re: NFL Officiating Version 2010

    This is part of the mystique of Goodell. How about he quits the stupid stuff (Patriots love fest, Europe games, Ben hating, etc.) and get on with professional refs.

    It's outrageous that the NFL of today has such an issue of sloppy refs. There will always be calls that are on the edge, so save the responses to that effect, but the calls that are clearly not penalties, and the non-calls that should have been called are yeast in the dough.
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