Pitt looked like a high school team out there tonight. Just a disgrace. Even my beers didn't taste good by the second half watching that mess.

Questions - what happend to Lewis (75, 27, 41 are his totals so far)? How does he not run for a 100 against New Hampshire?

When they were down close to the goal line, as close as they had been, why is Baldwin on the sidelines? 3 receptions is a joke. They have to use him.

Is it the O-line or is it Sunseri? Or both? He looks overwhelmed back there. Not good if he's the QB for the next couple of seasons.

Apparently the 'great recruiting" we've been hearing about for years has been quite the exaggeration. Very little talent on the field tonight. I don't think Pitt could beat a single team in the SEC.

With Romeus gone and Mason missing games (disclocated knee) the D is in trouble.

What do you think is a realistic record? Am I out of line to say this team will lose 7 or 8 this season?