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Thread: Missed the 2nd Half

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    Re: Missed the 2nd Half

    [quote=stlrz d]
    Quote Originally Posted by papillon
    Quote Originally Posted by "stlrz d":1erm6t6h
    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser
    And we didn't miss Casey.
    I remember a game or two where we didn't miss Troy either.

    But to go the distance without him? Forget it.

    Casey is a great fit for this DL and I'll be happy to have him back.
    Didn't the Steelers play the majority of a year without Casey a few years back? I';ll be glad to have back, if for no other reason than to have depth. I think the Steelers could weather the storm a lot longer without Snack than Troy.

    I could be wrong about Casey being out though.

    Troy > Casey no doubt. Just making the point that you can win without starters but it's not something you want to attempt every week.[/quote:1erm6t6h]

    Yea, I knew that's what you were saying, but, I thought there was a season a few years back that Snack was injured and the Steelers won a lot with Hoke. I could be wrong.


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    Re: Missed the 2nd Half

    I believe it was 2004 when Hampton got injured and Hoke started in his place the rest of the season. Interesting stat: the Steelers are 15-1 when Hoke starts in place of Hampton.


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