I watched ResidentEvil yesterday in AMC Loews IMAX theater.

Plot is wafer thin which is expected. Mila taking on Umbrella Corporation nothing new there.

I wanted to see mind boggling action sequences or should i say never seen before action sequences.The beginning scene where Tokyo HQ of Umbrella Corporation was taken down by a bunch of Alice clones was the best action of the whole thing unfortunately this scene lasted five whopping minutes.

Speaking of the 3-D, a huge applause to Anderson for utilizing Cameronís technology, instead of cheap garbage post-conversion. Afterlife has STUNNING visuals and Audio.

Afterlife has good background score...nice action sequences but i wanted more and Climax scene disappoints big time. Movie does not end with a bang or shall i say without any resolution. No big time action sequence in the climax which sucks big time. Movie looks like few cool scenes loosely strung together by an insufficient plot with most of the action sequences looked like Matrix rip off.

Definitely not worth 18 bucks i spent. Avoid it unless you are a die hard RE fan.