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well I hate the ravens too, BUT they were aggresive with some big signings, they have a questionable secondary, but as of now I think they may have the toughest team in the AFC, so what why are all the yinzers so upset that people are picking them, who cares whow picks who, the play on the field.............2 years ago the experts had the jaguars and cowboys in the super bowl and both those teams did not make the playoffs, so apparently these "experts" have been wrong before..
That would be a factor only if it was a proven way to succeed.

Well I guess most fans want the Steelers to be the pick from most "experts" and last year we were but things did not turn out so well, my point is it does not matter, who cares,
I do however, admit that I get pissed with the constant lovefest of the cowboys.. That does get on my nerves, they have done nothing more than have a plastic faced owner, signed crack heads and build a stadium that is soley built to impress people. The tampa bay bucs have 5 times as many playoff wins then them in the last 15 years. So yea, I guess the cowboys are my number one hated team but as far as the ravens or anyone else, yea I hate them but ehhh whatever