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Thread: Steelers sign Mark Bruener

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    Steelers sign Mark Bruener

    ...(hire) to college scout.

    by Mike Florio, a known Steelers hater. (sd steel, too)

    In 1995, the Steelers made tight end Mark Bruener a first-round pick in the draft. He spent nine years with the team before jumping to Houston as a free agent.

    But now he's back.

    Bruener has been hired as a college scout, the Steelers announced today.

    After last playing in 2008, he'll now launch into the thankless, grueling career that requires hours and hours of travel and film study and nights away from home and all of the grinding that equips a former player to evaluate, assess, harvest, and select talent. That's the difference between former players like Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome and the likes of Jim Kelly or Jim Brown. The latter believe that playing experience translates to scouting skills. Though it surely helps, it's no substitute for the roll-up-the-sleeves-and-bust-your-ass lifestyle that scouts adopt, with far less money and notoriety than they ever experienced as players.

    As a result, not many former NFL players embrace scouting. Though who do -- and those who thrive -- could acquire the ability to shape the roster of their former teams not by popping off in the media but by having their hands on the wheel of the bus.
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    Re: Steelers sign Mark Bruener

    I wonder what they see in him or a person that distinguishes that, this person can evaluate talent ?
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    Re: Steelers sign Mark Bruener

    Quote Originally Posted by fezziwig
    I wonder what they see in him or a person that distinguishes that, this person can evaluate talent ?
    He did a scouting internship with them this offseason (I'm not sure what exactly that entails, but at least he got to work with Colbert and the scouts for a few months, so he knows what is expected of him). Former Lion DL Robert Porcher was also a scouting intern with the Steelers this summer as well (with Brentson Buckner and Michael Barrow as coaching interns during camp as well), but as far as I know, only Bruener got a long term position with us. I wonder what territory Mark will be in charge of scouting?

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    Re: Steelers sign Mark Bruener

    Mark always seemed like an intelligent, high-character guy and was a great asset as a blocker during his time with the team. He was always there to pick Jerome up. I'm glad to see him back with the franchise.

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    Re: Steelers sign Mark Bruener

    Did Florio just bust on Bradshaw?
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    Re: Steelers sign Mark Bruener

    Quote Originally Posted by fezziwig
    I wonder what they see in him or a person that distinguishes that, this person can evaluate talent ?
    I'm sure it was something. But in the end, as long as they (the scout) show the willingness (i.e. to travel, dedicate themselves to looking at players), and they have an aptitude (as said, he did seem to be a bright guy), then any one can really do it.

    I think as much as anything, guys of that stature just need to show they are willing to pay the price. It's like when Jordan was GM of whoever it was; he never had the dedication to toil... the kind that say, Jerry West does/did. Jordan didn't dedicate himself to the job, so he failed. West subjegated his ego, and of course... he turned out as a great GM.


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