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Good for Ben. Well done. You could tell from his interview after yesterday's game that when he was asked about if it would be hard to be away, it hit him kinda of hard. He paused and looked down, chocked back a bit. Then he gave a real short, "absolutely, it'll be tough". Hopefully, this is step 1 in turning his image around. Like I said, no one is ever as good as they come off to be, but they are never as bad either. Some of those who have turned their back on Ben need to at least consider he isn't the antichrist.

I haven't seen anyone on these boards turn their back on Ben. But, some do expect him to mature and they do so with reason.

This is going to be painful for Ben. But, pain is the perfect teacher. I believe when he comes out of this...not only will he be a better leader but he will be a better person.
Not on this board, but plenty of fans that I know, have heard, saw on TV have turned their back on him. People saying they won't watch another game while he is the QB, etc. I understand, it's their perogative, but it is unfortunate that they are making such a drastic decision based on the limited information we know. Like I said, he isn't as bad as he comes across, just as he isn't as good as he comes across on his best day either. No different than you or me. Ya know? And I totally agree with you that he is going to come out of this a better person.
Laughable really and their loss if they choose to stop watching the Steelers because they disagree with the decisions of a QB that got too much to fast. He'll learn and I believe he has learned from his mistakes. The girls in question went to the bar looking for one thing and that's exactly what they got. Unfortunately Ben was involved. The girls are painted as a victim when they're as much to blame as anyone else. DTF name tags lol. I'm so ready to move past this and get Ben back on the field.