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Thread: Can Lefty be stashed on the PUP list?

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    Re: Can Lefty be stashed on the PUP list?

    The Steelers already have a veteran QB on the roster...his name is Charlie Batch...

    I don't think that any waiver wire pickup would be significantly better than Batch...they would not be better than Dennis Dixon either...

    Dixon was good enough for the Steelers to be leading the Ravens until the lead was lost with less than two minutes to go in the 4th quarter...of course, the game was lost in overtime...

    Batch and/or Dixon are the best bets for the Steelers...
    Actually, my post was NOT about you...but, if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that &!+# up and wear it.

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    Re: Can Lefty be stashed on the PUP list?

    Chad Pennington??? Puhleeze. Talk about your noodle arms guaranteed to get 10 in the box. Why not just shoot Wallace and Brown in the kneecaps for all the good that they would be.

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    Re: Can Lefty be stashed on the PUP list?

    The term Physically Unable to Perform is the term for a rule in the National Football League which allows teams to designate players as "Physically Unable to Perform" or "PUP". Once they are designated as such, they are prohibited from practicing with the team. They can, however, rehabilitate and participate in team meetings. If a player begins training camp on the PUP list, they can be moved to the active roster at any time, even after one practice. A player is not allowed to be placed on the PUP list if they start training camp on the active roster, even if they take part in only the first few minutes of the first practice.

    A player who begins the regular season on the PUP list must sit out his team's first six games. After that point, a team has three weeks to start having the player practice; once the player begins practicing, the team has another three weeks to put the player on the active roster. If the player is not activated by that time, or if he does not begin practicing within that three week window, he must remain on the PUP list for the remainder of the season.

    Clarifying NFL rules on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list

    * July 28th, 2009 9:39 pm CT

    Will Antwaun Molden start training camp on Active PUP? (Photo:

    There's been a lot of PUP list references in the news today so I thought I'd dust off some clarification of one of the most misunderstood eligibility rules in the NFL.

    First and foremost, there are two PUP lists.

    The PUP list that you may have seen in today's news stories refers to the 'Active PUP' list.

    The Active PUP is for players that have some form of injury that will prevent them from starting training camp.

    If placed on Active PUP, a player can rehab and participate in team meetings but cannot practice.

    A player has to be placed on Active PUP before he begins training camp, so that's why you're seeing the stories popping up now.

    A player on Active PUP can be removed from the list at any time during camp.

    A player on Active PUP counts against the league mandated roster limit (currently 80).

    And one of the most important rules, a player must be on Active PUP in order to be considered for Reserve PUP.

    At the end of preseason, if an Active PUP player is still several weeks away from being able to play, the team may place him on Reserve PUP.

    Reserve PUP players are not eligible to play for the first six weeks of the season.

    Reserve PUP players do not count against the 53 man roster.

    Reserve PUP players have a three week window after Week 6 to practice with the team but a roster decision must be made, either to activate to the 53 or to IR the player, within that timeframe.

    If a player is activated off the Reserve PUP following Week 6, a roster move is required to make room . That's what happened on October 17, 2008 when Dunta Robinson was activated from Reserve PUP and Chris Taylor was placed on injured reserve.
    From what I've been reading in various news sources, I would imagine the only Active PUP candidates for the Texans are Antwaun Molden and Travis Johnson.

    If Molden doesn't start training camp on Active PUP, it's good news since Active PUP is typically a hedge against the possibility that the player won't be ready to go during the first few weeks of the regular season.


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    Re: Can Lefty be stashed on the PUP list?

    I think placing him on the PUP list is the right thing to do. That will give you options later in the season. Heck, it is quite possible that one of our QBs will sustain an injury in the next couple of months. It'd be good to have a backup plan.
    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.


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