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Thread: On the TD to Sanders

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    Re: On the TD to Sanders

    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER
    he may not be just the worst FN in the league... there are probably some college kids better then him.

    watching the hanowski kid with pitt, you'll see what a competent FB can do. he eliminates the guy he goes to block. there's no one sliding off his block and making an attempt at the tackle... to boot, the guy seems to have pretty good feet for such a big guy.

    and i'll wager he's not even a top 10 prospect coming out of school at the FB position
    and he is great in short yardage situations too. i really want the steelers to draft baldwin but im sure that wont happen. given our FB situation since krieder i think i would be just as happy if we drafted hanowski. i think this might be the last season for arians and then we will get a real FB. that is what i hope happens at least.

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    Re: On the TD to Sanders

    Quote Originally Posted by Lebsteel
    Quote Originally Posted by JUST-PLAIN-NASTY
    Summers needs work. But if we are keeping a whiff count this preseason, Essex is out in front. Even if he stops for 8 McDoubles and sticks around to play in the play palace...Summers won't catch him. I still shake my head why he is the best option.
    Exactly, start Urbik and let him learn. He has more potential and was a much better blocker this PS.
    It is hard to compare the apples & oranges when the two played. But I really feel that Urbik, Foster, or Legursky have some room for improvement and would at very least give you the same that Essex does right now. On top of all that, he is the player in the worse shape body wise. Wow.
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