This is why we don't wear huge diamond earrings to practice
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Miami Dolphins defensive end Kendall Langford(notes) is a little less shiny today than he was yesterday. He arrived at Tuesday's practice iced out with a 2.5-carat diamond hanging from his earlobe. He forgot to take it out before practice.

And Wednesday, his ears were sadly bare. After Langford and his teammates raked the grass and were on hands and knees looking for the earring, they gave up the search for a team meeting. Shortly after the grounds crew mowed the lawn and the diamond was nowhere to be found.

The defensive end would not disclose how much the diamond was worth. However, a local jewelry distributor told reporters that the diamond could be worth more than $50,000.

If I could call a quick time out here, I'm confused about one thing -- We're in Miami, and we can't locate an old man with a metal detector? Come on now. Put an ad in the local PennySaver, see if an old guy can help you, and if his trusty metal detector finds the diamond, then you buy him as many Grand Slam breakfasts as he wants for a month. Seems like this should be an easy fix.

The earring remains at large. Langford remains a little less icy.

Bill Parcells is going to have to have a long talk with his players about proper ridiculously sized earring care and maintenance.

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