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Thread: Batch forgotten man in QB race

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    Re: Batch forgotten man in QB race

    Nope. I just think it's hilarious that the same media who roasted Ben treat hometown hero Charlie Batch with kid gloves when he was accused of being involved in a gang rape.

    And, she was paid off by parties in his group.

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    Re: Batch forgotten man in QB race

    Stop the Rain Man act Crash.

    Do you think Batch is done as a Steeler?

    There are more then enough threads where you can (and have) pointed out the injustices of Ben.

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    Re: Batch forgotten man in QB race

    Hmm.....why not trade Dixon now?

    If he doesn't play this year (likely), are we going to get any greater value for him next year?

    Wouldn't someone like an Arizona take a look at Dixon for say, a 3rd round pick?

    Is it worth investigating?
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    Re: Batch forgotten man in QB race

    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher
    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz
    Quote Originally Posted by proudpittsburgher
    I knoooooow it was very limited action against the third team defense, but I feel most comfortable with a Batch/Dixon combination, which says something because I have been in Lefty's camp the whole while.
    It's a little odd how this has played out for Batch. If he isn't an option why keep him? If he is an option, let him know.

    Feels like they are being nice to Batch instead of being honest with him.

    I still think he gives us the best chance to win. He isn't the best chance to hit Wallace for a bomb or break the pocket but he gives us the best chance to win.
    We kept him in case any of the other 3 guys got injured during camp or any of the preseason games. If all our QB's remain healthy, then he likely gets cut on Saturday. If someone gets hurt, then Batch sticks.
    D@mn. I guess I forgot to knock on wood when I typed this earlier.

    I guess Batch won't be the forgotten man for long if Leftwich's knee injury is serious.

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