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Thread: Sal Paolantonio: Ben to ask Goodell for 3-game reduction

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    Re: Sal Paolantonio: Ben to ask Goodell for 3-game reduction

    [quote=Captain Lemming]
    Quote Originally Posted by grotonsteel
    Quote Originally Posted by "Captain Lemming":2xpyf14a
    I may have missed it but what are the legal reasons that nobody in his party can say, "The chick is lying because I was with Ben and I can say Ben never went into the bathroom?"

    Nobody "defends" Ben with definitive statements that contradict the girls claims that Ben was with her in the bathroom. They just plead ignorance of what happened.

    Man i am disappointed i wrote an Eminem Style diss to you and you did not even read that??? WTF...wasted my time...anyways it was copied rap..

    Remove your Ben Hater goggles and read fcuking transcripts or atleast what that DA had to say.


    Again its your opinion to say Big Ben screwed that girl but don't tell us lies that no one contradicted that girls statement.
    Where did I say "Big Ben screwed that girl" ? That is not my opinion. I have never said that.
    I have said I think Crash's scenario is "likely".
    I dont know what happened in the bathroom. I have said this many times.
    I just said I believe it is obvious he was in the bathroom.

    I read the transcripts clown. I know full well that:

    "I didn't see" is not definitive.

    They are paid to watch him, yet they cannot say, "Ben was not in the bathroom".
    They just "didn't see him" go in.

    Can you comprehend the difference Eminem? (funny how you want to imitate a REAL Ben hater.)

    A room full on people, and no one says "he never was in the bathroom", "I was with him," or "I saw him on a bar stool the whole time,' or a bodyguard say, "it was my job to watch him and I can say he never went in the bathroom."

    If Ben is never in the restroom, it is so easy to confirm,none of this happens.


    Your scenario is true if it happened at say at a particular time. But what you are saying is bull when the duration is whole night. Did anyone said or did videotapes showed Big Ben was in the bathroom ???

    No way anyone is going to testify he never went to bathroom whole night. I mean is it even possible to hold your piss for 6 hours while drinking??

    Again read the transcripts. And then spin it.
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    Re: Sal Paolantonio: Ben to ask Goodell for 3-game reduction

    The season can't get here soon enough....

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    Re: Sal Paolantonio: Ben to ask Goodell for 3-game reduction

    Quote Originally Posted by Crash
    I believe she was blowing him in the bathroom, she slipped, Ben helped her up, ended what they were doing and left.

    Then he supposedly was sitting with another girl.

    I think Miss DTF and her friends got pissed at that and "cried rape" simply to embarrass him.

    Or, like I said before, the rumors about Miss DTF and her crew were true and thats why the text messages were not released by the GBI.

    That 2nd interview by Miss DTF was embarrassing. It's so obvious she's making it up on the fly.
    Still legally rape.

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    Re: Sal Paolantonio: Ben to ask Goodell for 3-game reduction

    Quote Originally Posted by Kid
    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn
    Frank...I didn't make the law. But, if you have sex with someone who can't even walk in a straight can be charged and prosecuted for rape. Yes, it happens every day. Yes people do it all the time without being charged. With that said, lets say you buy shots for a woman at a local bar...put down a bunch together. You leave with her and many witnesses notice you have to help hold her up to get into the taxi. If you go home and have sex with this woman it's rape. If she wakes up the next morning and decides to file charges against you, gets examined, they find your DNA all over her, and they have witnesses to the fact that this woman could barely walk...welp you are hosed. They will prosecute you and you will go to prison. You will also have to notify every neighborhood you ever move into of your presence.

    who says that the woman shouldn't/couldn't be the one charged with rape?
    Depends because she could be charged with rape if he was stumbling drunk as witnessed by others. He would have to file charges. Being intoxicated and having sex isn't a crime. It becomes a crime when one of the partys press charges against the other. And when there are witnesses stating the victim was unable to ambulate without assistance, grossly intoxicated with given examples of the intoxication. The reason it's rarely prosecuted is because people rarely press charges.


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