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Thread: Steelers haven't decided much yet after Denver Game

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    Steelers haven't decided much yet after Denver Game

    As you can see, I changed the title of the post from .

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    Some bright spots from Denver game

    By Teresa Varley –

    While the Steelers made their share of mistakes against the Broncos, there were also some bright spots in the 34-17 loss, including linebacker Lawrence Timmons who finished the night with five tackles.

    “He was all over the field, at least initially with the reps that we gave him,” said Tomlin. “He is a guy that’s had a great camp and preseason and played really, really well last night, particularly in the blitz game. They had people accounting for him and he was winning one on ones versus running backs, causing disruption. He is a very talented guy. We need a big season from him.”

    Safety Will Allen, who started for Ryan Clark, also continued his solid preseason play in Denver.

    “I thought he did really well,” said Tomlin. “Not only last night, but I think his play has been exceptional throughout this process on defense and special teams. He has been a good addition for us.”

    Tomlin also pointed to rookie running back Jonathan Dwyer as a bright spot after he led the team with 13 carries for 89 yards, including a 40-yard scamper and a five-yard touchdown run. SASF comment: In my mind, most of this was during garbage time. Against the 1st string I thought he did not shine at all.

    * * *

    Linebacker James Farrior looked like he went a few rounds in a boxing ring after getting hit in the head when his helmet came off against the Broncos, but he came through it like a champ needing only stitches.

    “He is fine,” said Tomlin. “He received six stitches. He is fine. James provides good leadership and play for us. I thought he set a nice tone last night with his play, unfortunately it ended prematurely.”

    Also on the injury front don’t look for cornerback Bryant McFadden on the field Thursday night against the Carolina Panthers.

    “We targeted the opener since it initially happened,” said Tomlin. “Based on the information I have at this point he’s on target for that.”

    * * *

    Without much time for the coaches to meet, or even sleep for that matter, no decisions have been made yet on who will start at quarterback on Thursday against the Carolina Panthers at Heinz Field.

    There also hasn’t been any decision as to how long the starters will play, and while it won’t be as long as they did against the Broncos, they will see time on the field in the final preseason game.
    “We haven’t met yet or discussed the details,” said Tomlin. “We got some injury related things like James Farrior and his stitches that may alter the lineup. I just have to gather some information. That’s what days like this are about. After a game like last night a lot of the decisions that will be made are based on the information I gather this afternoon from coaches and trainers and others.”

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    Re: Steelers haven't decided much yet after Denver Game

    Just got around to watching the second half. I think people are underestimating how good Dwyer looked yesterday.

    He hit the hole quick, moved the pile and showed some burst.

    Yes he came into camp a little sloppy (hopefully a maturity thing) and then he hurt his hammy.

    I just hope his early struggles in camp haven't ruined his chances, he finally is healthy and looking like the steal he was supposed to be.

    Is it too late?

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    Re: Steelers haven't decided much yet after Denver Game

    Sure Dwyer shined against garbage time guys. But guess what...HE'S A GARBAGE TIME GUY!!!

    I mean no offense by that statement, btw. What I mean is, the guy's what, a 6th round draft pick, playing the first real significant minutes of his career, and we're knocking him for it?

    Personally I'd be shocked if he was rushing for 80 yards against the starting unit of the other teams. Just be glad he's doing it against the guys he's supposed to be doing it against.

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    Re: Steelers haven't decided much yet after Denver Game

    Considering his slow start, I think Dwyer is right on schedule. Not there yet, but rising.
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