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Thread: An explanation about replay

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    An explanation about replay

    I am watching the Pats/Rams game on NFLN, and late in the fourth quarter, a Rams reciever makes a catch and breaks free down the sideline, and the offical says he stepped out of bounds at the 2 yard line before diving into the end zone. It was pretty clear that he did not, so the Rams challenge it. The officials go under the hood, comes back and announces "because the offical ruled him out of bounds on the field, the play is not reviewable." Whaaaaaaaa?

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    Re: An explanation about replay

    Maybe he blew the play dead at the point that he thought that he stepped out of bounds

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    Re: An explanation about replay

    I can understand that, but it was him and one defender, and he got into the end zone on the next step, so I guess what is the point of replay oif you can't overturn that call. What you said is the only explanation though, FF


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