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Not that Chadman necessarily disagrees with some of you- BUT- for those championing the virtue of youth over age- this is quite a young team in many areas.

If the argument is a younger RB on the roster (Dwyer) over Logan- Mendy & redman are also both young- do we need another young RB?

If you argue Antonio Brown over ARE- we have Wallace & Sanders on the roster- both young. Chadman will concede though, that he believes Brown should also be on the roster.

As for Worthington- he's a PS player right now. Chadman doubts teams are going to jump over themselves to grab him.

As Asian said- there are comparable players to Logan that are effective in the NFL. It also gives the Steelers a dual-purpose player, freeing up a roster spot elsewhere.

That said, watch Logan get cut..
i'm with you. plus they know what logan can do once the regular seasonn starts.

i think butler has a spot over madison

and brown will get hurt by keeping madison's replacement as a gunner. i still think him and dwyer make the PS...pretty easily IMO

if brown can show that he indeed is better at returning then its a no brainer keeping him over logan, i dont think he's shown that

I have to agree. Just like Essux, the position is his unless someone rises to take it from him. Just like Lewis and Dixon, Brown squandered his big chance. Proven KR is more important than 5th string WR with potential. Logan makes the team before Brown.