Mike Wallace is practically uncoverable.

Timmons was a beast against the run. He is getting better and better at that position.

What happened to Larry Foote?

Pouncey could be our best offensive lineman.

I've finally gotten a Dwyer sighting. He showed power and even some speed in the game.

Colquit's punts looked like I always imagined Sep's punts would look like. Why the hell can't we kick in that thin air?

Do our special teams guys ride the short bus to the games? We might even be worse than last year if that is possible.

Brown has looked better than Sanders in the pre-season games. If the draft positions were reversed would people still be clamouring to keep Sanders?

Gay looked like the guy from 2 years ago and not like the guy from last year. He made a nice play coming off his man to make the interception.

I like how some of the new DBs attack the short routes and try to jump them. I just wonder how long it will be before we teach them to stop doing that and let the guy catch the ball and then make the tackle?

Can anyone deny that Ben is the difference between this team being good and this team being average?