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Thread: Good thing for Lima.

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    Good thing for Lima.

    I think it is a good thing for Lima that he got injured this season because I doubt he would have made the team. With Ward, Battles, ARE, Brown and Wallace, Lima may have been the odd man out.
    Maybe this recovery time will tune his head into catching the ball and seeing the competition that he has to deal with.

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    Re: Good thing for Lima.

    At this point, I'd say he feels helpless and almost thinking his NFL career is over. The kid cant catch a break................or a ball

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    Re: Good thing for Lima.

    Fezz, I think this is a really good point. If he would have struggled in camp this year, it would have been almost impossible for us to take up a roster spot for him.

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    Re: Good thing for Lima.

    I thought Limas could become Plex.

    If Limas would have panned out Steelers would not have drafted a WR for next 3-4 years.

    But now with Hines getting long in tooth Steelers will be looking to draft a WR early next year.
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    Re: Good thing for Lima.

    Limas could be the answer next year to a retiring Hines Ward. All of this is clearly dependent on his health.

    Being out this season may actually help him. If Sweed isn't fit next year then I would suspect we go after a WR sometime in first three rounds of the draft.

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    Re: Good thing for Lima.

    Sweed's confidence seemed to be up and so was his production from what I remember hearing in OTA's before he got hurt. I was looking foward to seeing what he brought to the 2010 Steelers. It's just too bad that he got hurt the way he did. Who knows what 2011 holds for him.

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    Re: Good thing for Lima.

    Limas peed the bed as a toodler, and he still does.

    Sorry, caught that on another site...of course, I wish Limas all the best. But realistically, with the ascension of they young talent on this team, he's going to have his work cut out for him to make the team next time around.

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    Re: Good thing for Lima.

    I think being injured may have bought Sweed an extra year, but he is going to have an uphill battle next year. The Steelers will have to make their plans as though he is going to be a non-factor. Counting on him would be too risky.

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    Re: Good thing for Lima.

    My guess is that we've seen everything we're gonna see out of Sweed as a Steeler. I can't see him working his way past the people we've picked up. My guess is that he's an early cut next year at training camp.

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    Re: Good thing for Lima.

    It's over.... Sweed is done. The new breed of Texas Longhorns are mentally fragile. I read a yahoo blog that sad Colt McCoy is on the bubble in Cleveland and may get cut. I'm curious to see how that Holmes kid does that everyone was hoping for on D in the first round.
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