When I think about it, I can think of no other current football player who has enjoyed so much coddling from the league and the media as Brett Favre. And yes, that includes Tom Brady. Look at all he's done over the past few years -

He treated his former team and fans like dirt.
He turned his retirement into a circus (THREE EFFING TIMES!)
He forced the Vikings into limbo with his indecision.
He killed the Vikings' chances in the playoffs with one of the worst decisions in recent memory.
He's indecisive, opportunistic, uncommitted, indecisive, and an all-around drama queen.
And finally, he sent a picture of his junk to a married woman.

And yet, the talking heads continue to gush over him. No matter what he does, he can do no wrong to these morons! All I ever hear is "he's a gunslinger!!!" or, "he has sooooo much fun out there!" It honestly makes me want to scream.

Anyway, I guess it really angers me that he gets away with so much and our QB gets punished without ever being charged with a crime. Sure I expect it, but I don't like it.

For those interested, here's an article highlighting all the things he does that still go ignored by the media: