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Thread: Steelers using split backfield to accomplish run

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    Steelers using split backfield to accomplish run

    Steelers using split backfield to accomplish run
    By Mark Kaboly, TRIBUNE-REVIEW
    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 ... 96152.html

    The Steelers are looking to improve their run game, and they are leaving no stone unturned in the search to accomplish that, even if that means going to a split backfield like they did against the N.Y. Giants Saturday. On a handful of occasions, both Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman were lined up in the backfield together. Redman, who leads the team in rushing in the preseason with 94 yards, was positioned as the fullback and Mendenhall the tailback. Once it resulted in a first-down run by Redman. "I guess we didn't do it as much last year," guard Trai Essex said. "I guess it is the Steelers of the old when you had two backs back there. Now we have a good one who can play fullback and also can carry the ball. It adds another dimension to our run game."

    Veteran RT Flozell Adams hasn't looked overly comfortable at his new position through the first two preseason games, but it appears that the Steelers aren't in a big rush to find competition for Adams. Jonathan Scott came in after three series to replace Adams like anticipated, but hasn't got many snaps with the first team through training camp. "It looks pretty much like a done deal," said Essex about Adams starting the season at right tackle. "There is nothing that tells me otherwise."

    The Steelers re-signed long snapper/linebacker Matt Stewart to their roster and released WR Isaiah Williams. Stewart (6-foot-3, 236 pounds) originally signed as a free agent with the Steelers on June 7 before getting released on July 30.

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    Re: Steelers using split backfield to accomplish run

    In my best Russian voice..."American Football League propaganda".
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    Re: Steelers using split backfield to accomplish run

    Didn't they talk about doing this with parker and mendy. didn't they show it in the preseason. didn't they not do it during the season.

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    Re: Steelers using split backfield to accomplish run

    The Pony!

    I think you are right that they tried it with Willie and Mendy in the preseason a year or two ago. I think it will work better here though because Redman is more of an inside runner and having him close to the line of scrimmage is a good thing because he doesn't have a great burst. Of course, at most it should be used sparingly. I think it is most effective with Dixon in there because they defense would have a lot to prepare for and we'd have more running options.
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