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Thread: Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

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    Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

    I know its preseason so take it for what it is... Here is a couple of quick observations

    --> Can someone please please please overthrow Wallace? I dont think its possible.

    --> I am shocked that the practice squad QB (yes I know its preseason) took his team down the field for a TD on the 1st string. I am even more in shock that Bradshaw got the corner even though he is fast. Maybe the D was showing & playing vanilla the whole time?

    --> Congradulations Red. You are a Steeler.

    --> Good problems to have and tough decisions to make in most positions. Brown, and all three LB's are keepers (although Worilds did get swallowed up rather easily and contained by a scrub TE) with the rookie safety FA Smith to the practice squad IMO.

    --> Special Teams looks good one time and then like last year next time around.

    --> Some saw moxy in Summers

    --> Loved Coach T's shirt with the yellow dashes on the back.

    --> Dixon against that third team could have rushed for 100 yards.

    --> Hotel will have 16 holding calls this year.

    --> Once again the Steeler Nation is represented well in New Jersey with the here we go Steeler chants.

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    Re: Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

    sepulvadas tackle was a thing of beauty, he was getting held like he was james harrison but he still makes a superb tackle.
    dixon looks really good, I love how he ran to the outside on that one broken play

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    Re: Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

    Lefty surprisingly nimble on that scramble. He didn't make it any easier to scream for Dixon.

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    Re: Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

    Lewis, Redman, Pouncy, are the real deal. Look forward to Urbik as he looked pretty good.

    Adams might be bagging groceries soon.

    Thanks Logan. It was fun.

    Refs still call phantom plays.
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    Re: Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

    No one fumbled the ball

    Molon labe

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    Re: Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

    Once again I thought Hills looked pretty good....Max did NOT.

    Wil Allen made some nice plays, base and ST...good riddance Lil' Evil.

    Dixon can be a weapon for us, especially in short yardage.

    I love our young corners.

    Stevie Sly is a player.

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    Re: Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

    ... K lewis has some freakishly long arms, good quality to have for a Db.

    .. how fast did pouncey time at the combine? when he's down the field on a screen i at first think its not our center getting down that it?
    i cant believe the guy runs that well and is 300 LBs... i hope its not cause i'm used to seeing heavy footed,2 left feeted, lineman the rest of the OL seems to have

    ... summers is a terrible blocker. how can someone playing football for so long whiff on so many blocks...ITS BLOCKING!!!!! he's getting cut IMO

    ... mchugh over johnson for 3rd tight end. more violent of a blocker/better blocker

    ..another game where cromartie smith is more active then mundy. i'm hoping he makes the team over munds.

    ... logan is a better returner then brown. too many numbers for Brown to make the team....he goes to the practice squad this year

    ...the WTF comment of the night from carl banks of the giants TV crew. In discussing the great grand daughter actress of art rooney and deceased giants owner tim rooney (rooney mara) and her getting the role for a movie called "the woman with the dragon tattoo" he first asks bob papa if he's read the book and follows it up saying he's seen the porn version of that movie. huh????

    maybe he picked up too many tips from LT

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    Re: Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

    WTF was Ike thinking? I wish he showed this kind of aggression for the football when it's in the air. Punching a helmet is real smart too... something about Ike has always irked me, besides the non pass catching skills it just seems like he is easily baited into pushing and shoving matches on 3rd downs.

    Lefty had a pretty good game and while he is slow as dirt he threw the he'll out of the ball and hit Wallace in stride. I'll give Ben a pass on his underthrown ball but dammit, how many times will it take before he realizes how fast Wallace is?

    McFadden looked like Gay out there. Lewis needs to get a shot because that pathetic effort by Bmac was embarassing. What happened to attacking the ball at the highest point? Worlids looks like a guy afraid to beat a block.

    Redman is a beast and will be our short yardage back. The OL still looks bad on running plays. However the second string OL was carving up the Giants. Who is Vincent? He had some good runs.

    What's up with the fades to our short WR's?

    Brown had somedecent returns but Logan came in and reminded me what a real KR looks like. The guy is smooth and makes it look easy. Gotta keep him IMO.

    Once again our D looked like wet paper after the O put somepoints on the board. I really want to see our D have a 3 and out after we score.

    Dixon is a monster and looked good throwing the ball. He just brings a different tempo and the O has more pep when he is in there.

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    Re: Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

    Considering everything, I thought they played well for the most part. Some rust, some mistakes but hey, it's our second pre-season game and we won.

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    Re: Thoughts??? Preseason Game 2

    Ben threw that ball on the run and rushed it, bad throw. Nothing to do with speed of Wallace. Wallace didn't lead the league in YPC because Ben can't throw deep.


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