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Thread: some hwlp with a slingbox

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    some hwlp with a slingbox

    Needed some help from some of the techies out there. I am a Pittsburgh sports fan who recently dumped DirecTV and Sunday Ticket for financial reasons. Spent last season at a bar, but can't spend any more time away from the family on Sunday's, so I was looking into the slingbox. I understand the basic principals of the device . . . basically it takes over a TV in a remote location, and streams it to your computer elsewhere. That part I know . . . For the part I am fuzzy on . . . I have a mom who still lives in Pittsburgh, and I wanted to hook up a box on one of her rarely used TVs in another room that is hooked up to a cable box. It is in a different room than her router, which also has to be hooked up to the box to transmit out. So, what do I need to know about this. How do I hook it up to the router and to a cable box in another room. And what else do i need to know. Google searches have only gotten me so far. I need to bring in the big guns on this one, SteelerNation.

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    Re: some hwlp with a slingbox

    is the router wireless, you can always hook up a wireless adapter to the slingbox and then have it transmit out.
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    Re: some hwlp with a slingbox

    just an update, for anyone who was thinking about getting a slingbox . . .

    1. if your router is in another room than the TV you want to control, you can get a devide called a slinglink. It is esentually two boxes (look the same). On plugs into the wall by the router, and it connects into the router. The other box goes into the romo with the TV and slingbox, and it gets plugged into the wall, and connects with the slingbox. This transmits the internet connection goes through the wall outlet.

    2. Another problem I ran into is I bought the cheapest device, the slingbox solo. It is fine for standard definition feeds, but my mom has a comcast DTA box on the TV I am controling. It's not a full box, rather a smaller box which allows you to get from channels 1-99. But, there are no component jacks on that box (plugs for the red, yellow and blue wires), just a coaxial cable in, and a coaxial cable out. That will not work with the solo . . . it doesn't have a coaxial jack on it. So, you have to upgrade to the slingbox pro HD. For that, you can plug your cable coaxial wire from the wall to the slingbox, then take another coacial cable from the slingbox to the cable box.

    So,. lots of wires, and lots of money spent (essentually the price of just getting Sunday Ticket for a year, but I have no monthly fees and a pretty seemless internet broadcast of all channels on Comcast cable in Pittsburgh. A lot of hassel, especially when I am in another state and have been buying the equiptment and mailing it to Pittsburgh, returns, then walking another person through teh installation, btu I will be watching the steelers/Pirates/Penguins/Panthers/another option on the national NFL game showed from my home with no additional fees.


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