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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewie
    Or Hagans over Woodley.
    Glad I read on after your earlier posts. I was going to mention this one as a perfect example of what this thread is about. Here was a player who in some limited action was clearly better than CH at that point in his career. Nonetheless, Woodley only saw some situational play. Now several years later LM is in perfect condition, has a couple ;years of great play under his belt and is already considered one of the best in the league.

    How would some of these other teams handled this. How about considering the casualty rate of these new players. Not only physical but psychological ?

    Actually, the Steelers probably start as many ready-to-go players as any other team. Maybe they don't start day 1 but everyone knows its only a matter of weeks before they are in the lineup. Woodley and now Ziggy who did not start last year are exceptions.

    I bet if somebody goes back and checks how many 1st year players started games at some point in the season the % would be higher than we figure. And, yes, I thought Big Ben was ready to start day 1. Didn't Bradshaw. But, this position is not as physically demanding as the defensive trenches. I think common sense and plenty of years of experience dictates the Steelers position on this stuff.

    Come to think about it I bet there are a whole bunch of 1st year CB's who started their 1st year. Rod Woodson, Chad Scott, D. Figures, maybe even some of the ones on the roster now. Why? I don't know. But, my guess is they are out in space and the collisions there are not quite as impactive as up front.

    Good, let these other teams burn their assets too early. I could care less. I notice San Francisco has done next to nothing for quite some time now. Good!

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    Re: Why do you think

    I think there are two counter arguments to "burning the assets early." One is the avg. NFL career. The other is free agency. One could look at the Woodley sitcheation, and observe that we lost a year of his services, and he may walk in free agency....for Haggans!!!

    I would not have started Ziggy last year, because he wasn't ready or better than other available players. I think he was handled well, letting him get his beak wet and grow. He grew. Eason has been unimpressive in camp due to his medical condition, and Ziggy is ready to contribute with a heavier load.

    Although I would not have started Ziggy last year, in the case of Hartwig and Essex. I think there are younger players that are at least as good.

    I can't say that we start less 1st year players from data, but it sure seems like it. I really can't remember who the last one was.

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    Re: Why do you think

    RB wrote:
    Joe Thomas was picked 3rd overall (ahead of other All-Pros like Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, and Darrelle Revis) for a reason.

    Yes, but your argument appears to be it was the quality of the players rather than dire need. There were other players who did not make all-pro who started in year one with success. Sanchez of the Jets comes to mind, a player who had one year of starting experience in college and yet the Jets went deep into the playoffs.


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