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Thread: Is this the Bengals year ?

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    Re: Is this the Bengals year ?

    Quote Originally Posted by fezziwig
    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel

    didn't you see how easily the Cowgirls handled the Bungals in their first preseason game?

    No, I got home late and I tuned in for about two series. Do they have a two QB's with the name Palmer ?
    Carson's younger brother... 2 INT's to LB's too. I can't imagine any other team bringing in their Framchise QB's younger scrub brother to be a back up.

    The Bengals will do what they always do, almost do something and find a way to lose. I think we will have some battles with them this year but I think they are on the way back to 7-9.

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    Re: Is this the Bengals year ?

    With the headache type players they have I see it happening but you never know if they can keep it together long enough.

    It will either be the love boat or the titanic for that team.

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    Re: Is this the Bengals year ?

    If anything happens to Carson Palmer their season is over, their other two quarterback's looked lost the other night

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