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    Hezzbullies The Quiet Man aka "Trooper Thorn"

    This guy is our lone survivor out of our last, ill-fated litter. So far, he's looking great, what do you think?

    Trooper at 3 weeks

    Trooper at 6 weeks today...

    Woot! Bullies rule!

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    Re: Introducing...

    He looks a lot like you!

    Congrats on the survivor. That story was tough.
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    Re: Introducing...

    Thanks DJ. It was a tough pill to swallow for sure, but this little guy may redeem the whole litter in the show ring, let's cross our fingers!

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    Re: Introducing...

    oh yeah, he may look like me, but he bites much harder, he almost pierced my ear last night! I have three big teeth marks in my ear lobes, what a punk!

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    Re: Introducing...

    Great picks of the little guy! Wow...what a chick magnet he is going to be.

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    Re: Introducing...

    It's funny that in the first pic, he's about as big as my kids' guinea pig.

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